salamah College enjoys the benefits of specialised learning facilities including many that have been newly built or renovated. Since 2002 the school community, state and federal governments have made a significant investment in new facilities to meet the ever changing needs of our students and teachers.

Recent projects include the refurbishment of science laboratories, music room, graphics room and food technology rooms, the installation of back to base new fire alarm system, the completion of the installation of a state of the art alarm system and CCTV cameras in 2009 and the completion of the installation of IWBs in all General learning classrooms in 2012. Our next major project is the construction of a multi-purpose school hall and library.

Our secondary school has 26 dedicated teachers including classroom teachers, 6 Head Teachers, ICT teacher, Careers Adviser, Sports Coordinator, in addition to a School counsellor, Librarian, and Science laboratory assistant. There are Year Advisers for each year, supporting the welfare needs of students. The school is well equipped with facilities including a hall, a new playground, library, graphics room, two computer rooms, kiln, arts room, music room, science laboratory, design and technology workshop, food technology room, screening room, senior study, canteen, uniform shop.

Computer Room

The two computer rooms are fully equipped with 26 computers, a printer and an interactive whiteboard, a television and a Data Projector for presentations; they are used mainly by students with supervised internet access. l computers have been upgraded to windows 7 and with major required application software for specialist classes such as Auto Cad, Adobe Photoshop, and Sony Vegas moviemaker. The school facilitates the students to develop their ICT skills and practice them for the day-to-day activities. One room is available in the main lunch break for student use. l classes have access to the computer labs and attend once a week at least for two periods.

Timber Room

 The timber is fully operational with fully equipped electric and hand tools. Some of the major tools use are drop saw, table saw, band saw and stand drill. Students are highly encourages to use hand tools such as handsaw, jigsaw, planer, chisel etc. to develop their tool using skill. These classes prepare the students for practical life skills.

Graphics Room

Graphics room is one of the State of the Art facilities provided by salamahPrivate College to facilitate quality teaching and learning. The room has furniture suitable for Graphics work from stages 4 to 6 and all Design equipment necessary for Architecture and design. The environment is highly conducive to teaching and learning. Students using the classroom have a sense of belonging and ownership and have been looking after the facilities available.

There are 9 Graphics design benches with 18 Drawing boards. The facilities also include set squares, T- Squares and Drawing clips which students use to consistently produce high standard of work. The room is also equipped with an IWB which greatly enhances teaching and learning. The school has purchased Graphics software such as AutoCAD and ARCHICAD to assist student with their major work for School Certificate and HSC. As a result of these soft wares our students have been able to produce some outstanding work over the years.  

Visual Arts Room 

The Visual Arts curriculum is delivered in semester blocks and is undertaken in Year 7 and 8 as a mandatory stage 4 Visual Arts course. In Year 9 and 10 students can select Visual Arts as an elective and likewise in stage six for the preliminary and HSC course.

The Creative Arts department offers a wide range of basics and in-depth studies into many different artistic disciplines in both the 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional forms. The creative arts department also boasts a well-resourced collection of art making materials and equipment. salamah College also has a well-established printmaking and ceramics departments, with firing facilities on site including an electric kiln and pottery wheel studio. 

salamah College strives to educate students in all facets of the Creative Arts including an extensive contemporary and historical Art curriculum which is delivered using a collection of texts, images and interactive whiteboard` software for students to maximise understanding and enjoyment of the units studied.

 ESL Room

An ESL room which is set up into two areas to facilitate two lessons at the one time. Each area consists of carpeted floors used for shared reading, and desk space for independent work and writing. Display boards include a word wall, punctuation, and Grammar and text types.

Teachers’ Library SL Room

 A well-resourced teachers’ library. Resources for all KLA’s for Primary and High school. We also have a reading corner for primary students to borrow home readers. We have a guided reading wall with readers from Rigby and Scholastic. We also have resources for Arabic and Religious studies. 

Science Laboratory 

Science laboratory equipped with a microwave, laboratory grade microscopes, acidity meters, a water distilling unit; a greenhouse for science.

Music Room 

Music notation computer program. There are also several reference books as well as instruction books on how to play these instruments. The school also has at its disposal a small recording studio or the use of the 92.1 FM radio station studios for students who wish to get a better understanding at the insight into music technology.

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