Salamah College is a k-10 non-selective, co-educational Islamic School that was first established in 2012 with 345 students and from there the school grew rapidly. The school has now reached 740(K-10) in 2014.

Our Behaviour Management Program does not allow corporal punishment. It is based on restorative justice and positive behaviour intervention systems with strong emphasis on developing positive, peaceful student-to-student and student-to-staff relationships.

Salamah College encourages students to develop their knowledge and skills in various disciplines so that they may lead a successful life as Australian Muslims who can benefit the community at large.The School is committed to pursuing academic excellence and the fostering of individual abilities in a caring and challenging educational environment.

The school is multicultural, with almost 100% of students from language backgrounds other than English, predominately Arabic. As Arabic and Religious Studies form an integral part of our school curriculum, extra teaching staff for Arabic and Religion are employed to serve this purpose.

Parents and the local community are encouraged to support the school through participation in various school programs in order to form a productive partnership between the school and its community.

Salamah College is considered to be a major institution catering for the cultural needs of the Muslim community. It is a school that offers a diverse bilingual teaching curriculum. For this reason Salamah College has become an attraction to parents who see in it a bright and distinguished future for their children.

Salamah College
40 Hector Street
Chester Hill NSW 2162
P: +61 2 8760 1000
E: admin@salamah.nsw.edu.au
Al Amanah College
Bankstown Campus
2 Winspear Avenue
Bankstown NSW 2200
P: +61 2 9708 1220
Liverpool Campus
55 Speed Street
Liverpool NSW 2170
P: +61 2 9822 8022
E: admin@alamanah.nsw.edu.au
Glenroy Private
93 Daley Street
Glenroy VIC 3046
P: (03) 9306 7988
E: admin@glenroyprivate.vic.edu.au