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2016 Year 6 Graduation Ceremony at Salamah College

It was a great pleasure to celebrate the 2016 Year 6 Graduation Ceremony at Salamah College with extra special guests from Malaysia and Indonesia.


The honourable guests included Professor Dr Hashim Muzadi; Religious Advisor to the President of Indonesia, Dr Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Osman; Sahibus Samah Mufti of Pahang State, Zahari bin Daud; Religious Officer at Mufti’s Office, accompanied by his eminence Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan; Chairman of the Islamic Council Darulfatwa Australia, and many other distinguished guests.



The ceremony proceeded with the rythmic nawbiyy, drumming and dabkih, followed by an eloquent Quaranic recitation.  A beautiful montage of religious performances included ‘رسالة ابن عساكر’, ‘مقتضى الشهادتين’, and a poem about the prophet that captured the audience.



Year 6 students performed ‘يا جبال مكة افرحي’ followed by a graduation song and body beats to show case their talents. Finally Year 6 students enjoyed a photo slide show of the ‘Class of 2016′.  It was a truly memorable ceremony! Congratulations to all award recipients. We wish you all the best in High School!


حقا لقد كان يوما مميزا، يوم الاحتفال بخريجي السنة السادسة في مدرسة السلامة بحضور ضيوف مميزين من أندنوسيا وماليزيا تضمنهم الدكتور البروفيسير هاشم مزادي، المستشار الديني للرئيس الأندنوسي الدكتور حجي عبد الرحمن بن حجي عثمان، وصاحب السماحة مفتي ولاية بهانج زهاري بن داوود وبصحبتهم فضيلة الشيخ الدكتور سليم علوان الحسيني أمين عام دار الفتوى في أستراليا، والعديد من الضيوف البارزين الآخرين

استقبل الضيوف بنوبة محمدية أشعرية، وافتتح الحفل بتلاوة عطرة للقرآن الكريم. ثم بدأ الطلاب ببعض العروض الدينية كتسميع رسالة بن عساكر ومقتضى الشهادتين وبعض الأبيات المؤثرة عن النبي الأعظم والقائد الأكرم محمد عليه الصلاة والسلام كما أنشد طلاب الصف السادس أنشودة يا جبال مكة افرحي تبعها أنشودة التخرج. وأخيرا سُرَّ طلاب الصف السادس بعرض بعض الصور من العام الدراسي 2016 “. لقد كان الاحتفال مميزا حقا

مبارك لجميع الخريجين كما نتمنى لهم كل التوفيق في المدرسة الثانوية

Spelling Bee 2016
Spelling Bee 2016

The annual Salamah College Spelling Bee was a huge success!

This exciting event includes activities in order to encourage all students to engage with spelling and to promote improved literacy in combination with the English K-6 Syllabus.

Congratulations to all our finalists and Spelling Bee champions for 2016.

Smart Skills Workshop Organised by Questacon and SAMSUNG
Salamah College Won SAMSUNG STEM Hero Competition

On Wednesday 12th October 2016 Salamah College held a Smart Skills Workshop, hosted by the National Science and Technology Centre Questacon in conjunction with SAMSUNG.

All students from year 9 participated in the workshops, which challenged students to explore the STEM subjects being Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Students had the opportunity to solve stimulating puzzles using the ‘Brain It On!’ application using SAMSUNG tablets. Salamah College was a winner in the Samsung STEM Hero competition and therefore received a gift of thirty SAMSUNG TAB S2 tablets from SAMSUNG.

Students also tackled the complex challenge of building their very own Rube Goldberg machine to perform simple tasks, which utilised lateral and logical thinking to reach a solution.

The Smart Skills Workshop proved to be another successful event coordinated by the Science faculty in 2016, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all students.

Smart Skills Workshop Organised by Questacon and SAMSUNG

Smart Skills Workshop Organised by Questacon and SAMSUNG

Smart Skills Workshop Organised by Questacon and SAMSUNG

Smart Skills Workshop Organised by Questacon and SAMSUNG

Talents at Salamah College

​What a wonderful display of talent at Salamah College! Selected students competed today, in a show stopping talent quest to mark the end of Term 3. Students showcased a wonderful variety of acts, including singing, and gymnastics. Well done to all participants and congratulations to all our winners.

Fruit and Veg Month 2016

​Salamah celebrated the end of Fruit and Veg month by dressing up in green. Fruit & Veg Month is a health promotion program for NSW primary schools that puts a positive focus on fruit and vegetables. The theme for 2016 is ‘Vegetables are Funky!’ Students enjoyed a variety of classroom, and whole school activities that promote kids eating more vegetables.

^Eid celebration Assembly

​Yet another ^Eid celebration organised by Salamah College’s Art Committe & Arabic and Religious Studies Department. 

Primary School students worked hard to present very creative colouring in and displays of the Ka^bah.

With their exemplary behaviour, our lower primary students gathered in the school hall for an Islamic Assembly hosted by Miss Fahez where 1F happily repaeated takbirat-ul^Eid.
Upper primary assembly hosted by Mrs Chand was full of excitment and joy!

5C students with excellency  presented an Islamic lesson about Hajj. Years 3 to Years 6 participants then walked between the students while representing their amazing displays of the Ka^bah in a very well organised and fancy parade.

The School Principal Mr Wissam Saad then thanked the students and the staff for the tremendous effort they put towards this event.

Salamah College’s  Islamic celebration ended by presenting the winners with a present as an appreciation of their creative work.
Happy ^Eid!