Technological and Applied Science


Aim: To develop students’ knowledge and understanding, confidence and creativity in analysing, designing, developing and evaluating information and software technology solutions.

Technology (Mandatory) involves designing, producing and evaluating quality design solutions. Students will develop skills in Product design, Environmental design and information communications design.
Information and Software Technology (IST)

Aim: People will require highly developed levels of computing and technology literacy for their future lives. Students therefore need to be aware of the scope, limitations and implications of information and software technologies. 

The core content to be covered in this course is integrated into the options chosen within the school. The course has been designed with an emphasis on practical activities that allow students to sustain focus in a range of interest areas at some depth. They will use a variety of technologies to create, modify and produce products in a range of media formats.

Food Technology

Aim: The aim of the Food Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus isto actively engage students in learning about food in a variety of settings, enabling them to evaluate the relationships between food, technology, nutritional status and the quality of life.

Food Technology is an elective course designed to build upon the Technology (Mandatory) course at Stage 5. This subject will allow students to develop an understanding of food products in Australia. The trend of food, product development; servicing and catering. Students examine the factors that contribute to good nutrition and learn to make healthy food selections.
Students will be involved in the design, production and evaluation of foods as part of the practical component of the course. Both the theory and the practical skills will be developed with the core topics of nutrition and consumption, as well as food preparation and processing.

Graphic Technology

 Aim: To develop students’ ability to think creatively, devise solutions and communicate information to a range of audiences using a variety of graphical techniques and media

This subject will allow students to develop an understanding of graphical communication and the techniques used to convey technical and non-technical ideas and information using technological methods. Students will develop knowledge, understanding and skills through the application of graphics principles and techniques, design in graphics, planning and construction and presentation in core modules 1 and 2.

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