K-6 Creative Arts

Creative Arts gives students experiences in the visual arts, music, drama and dance. They have opportunities to explore their creativity in each of these areas. They learn about each of these art-forms and their place in society.


In Kindergarten

  • make their own pieces of art about real and imagined experiences using materials such as paints, watercolours, sponges, crayons, brushes and sticks
  • make simple 3-D constructions with boxes and use playdough or clay to create models
  • perform dance and drama with movement and expression
  • sing, play and move to music, and experiment with sound
  • copy the beat of music using clapping, tapping or percussion instruments


Some Year 1 and Year 2 examples

  • sing songs, play and move to music using their voices, percussion instruments
  • move to music in a variety of ways, such as imagining they are a machine or a butterfly
  • dramatise a story, eg Possum Magic
  • create sculptures and 3-D models using a variety of techniques such as carving, cutting, modelling clay, and simple print techniques such as screen printing
  • talk about how music can represent different things – a circus, or sunshine as in ‘Morning’ from Peer Gynt by Grieg, for example


Some Year 3 and Year 4 examples

  • focus more on detail of artwork subject matter, such as facial expressions, body angles
  • sing and move to the beat of music, identify structure and changes in pitch, tempo and beat
  • develop dance performances using known dance movements and improvised moves to create a sequence
  • play music using percussion instruments such as drums, triangles or maracas, as well as clapping, tapping of hands and feet
  • follow percussion charts to create a group musical performance
  • role-play characters from plays, working in groups as well as individual roles


Some Year 5 and Year 6 examples

  • improvise with photographs and other artwork to create their own piece of art
  • move to music and perform in singing and dance combinations
  • take on roles and situations adapted from their imagination and from literature, including poetry
  • talk about different types of music and discuss what they like and don’t like, and why
  • take on roles to demonstrate feelings such as empathy, excitement, sadness and joy, as well as different status such as a king or a servant in a play

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