Science – Biology


A substantial achievement level based on the Sciences Stages 4-5 performance descriptors.

To provide leaning experiences through which students will  acquire knowledge and understanding about concepts related to the  characteristics and behaviours of living things, how they are thought  to have  come into existence , and the interactions they have with each other and with their environment. Students will also develop further skills in planning and conducting investigations, communicating information and developing scientific thinking and problem solving techniques.

  Course Description:The Preliminary course contains content that is considered assumed knowledge for the HSC course. It incorporates the study of:
– A local Ecosystem
– Patterns in Nature
– Life on Earth
– Evolution of the Australian Biota

The HSC course incorporates the study of

- Maintaining balance
– Blueprint of life
– The search for better health
– Communications ( Option module)

The Preliminary course includes a field study related to local terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Practical experiences will occupy a minimum of 80 indicative hours across Preliminary and HSC course time, with no less than 35 hours in the HSC course

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