Science – Physics


A substantial achievement level based on the Sciences Stages 4-5 performance descriptors..

Physics Stage 6 aims to provide learning experiences through which students will:
- acquire knowledge and understanding about fundamental concepts related to natural phenomena and their causes, the historical development of these concepts and their application to personal, social, economic, technological and environmental situations.
progress from the consideration of specific data and knowledge to the understanding of models and concepts and the explanation of generalised physics terms; from the collection and organisation of information to problem-solving; and from the use of simple communication skills to those that are more sophisticated
- develop positive attitudes towards the study of natural phenomena and their causes and opinions held by others, recognising the importance of evidence and the use of critical evaluation of differing scientific opinions related to various aspects of physics.

   Course Description:

Preliminary Course 120 indicative hours

The Preliminary course incorporates the study of:

- The World Communicates (30 indicative hours)
– Electrical Energy in the Home (30 indicative hours)
– Moving About (30 indicative hours)
– The Cosmic Engine (30 indicative hours)

HSC Course
120 indicative hours

The HSC course builds upon the Preliminary course. The Preliminary course content is a prerequisite for the HSC course.

The HSC course incorporates the study of:

The core, which includes:

- Space (30 indicative hours)
– Motors and Generators (30 indicative hours)
– From Ideas to Implementation (30 indicative hours)

Options, which constitute 30 indicative hours and include any one of the following:

- Geophysics
- Medical Physics
– Astrophysics
– From Quanta to Quarks
– The Age of Silicon

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