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Physical Education including sport carnivals, sporting teams and other sporting activities is very important at salamah College.

Students have the opportunity to join teams to represent salamah College with inter-school competitions, or if they wish they can join sports just for fun.  Many of our teams compete in Combined High Schools competitions. This is a great opportunity to meet students from other schools and improve sporting skills.

What sports are available?

salamah College provides various types of sport. Students can participate in: aerobics, athletics, football, baseball, basketball, cricket, cross country, gymnastics, netball, soccer, softball, swimming, bowling, table tennis, hand ball and much more…


Students are required to attend sport every Tuesday morning n Secondary School and in their specified times in Primary School.

If students cannot attend sport they must bring a note from their parent. Students will spend their sport time in a classroom supervised by a teacher if they are not attending sport.  Please don’t make doctors’/dentists’ appointments in sport time.  Sport is an essential part of the school curriculum.