Accessing Salamah College Sentral Portal

Welcome to the Salamah College Sentral Parent Portal.
Salamah College is delighted to introduce Sentral for Parents, powered by Sentral. This exciting new communication platform will keep you fully informed about everything happening at the school and make it easier than ever for you to manage your child’s education – anywhere, any time.

This free app will mean that you always know in advance what is going on – without having to rely on your child to bring news home from the school. You’ll be able to keep track of homework, communicate via message to your child’s teachers for progress updates and give instant permission for school activities and even inform the school of future absences.
At Salamah College, we aim to make staying in touch with your child’s learning an easy journey by deploying various systems and technology. One such system is the Sentral Parent Portal which will allow you to receive secure news items on the web and through the companion mobile application, Sentral for Parents – with targeted news so you only see information relevant to your children.

The Sentral Parent Portal lets you:
• Provide permission and make payments for school activities.
• Message your child’s teachers
• See what homework is to be completed.
• Browse school documents and resources.
• Receive student report cards electronically.
• Book and manage parent/teacher interviews.
• Notify of planned absences and respond to unexpected absences.

Accessing via the Web browser:
Step 1: Create an account by directing your browser to
Note: You must use a valid email address.


Step 2: Once you have created your account, you will be sent an email verification to the email address you registered with.


Step 3: Please click the verify button. Please note – this will expire in 24 hours.


Step 4: Please login into your account by entering your email address and password then select Log in.


Step 5: Please select My Access.


Step 6: Please select Add New Access Key, enter your access key, then select Add Key.
Note: The Access Key was sent to you in a previous email. If you have not received the Access Key, please email,)


Accessing the Parent Portal via the App

Step 1: Download the app from the Play-store/Appstore and search for “Sentral for parents.”


Step 2: Search for “Salamah College” in the search box


Step 3: Select Salamah College.


Step 4: Please enter your username and password and select Login.
If you don’t have an account, please select Register here (If you already have an account, please go to Step 8)


Step 5: Please complete the relevant information. Once this is complete, please select Create Account.


Step 6: Once you create your account, an email verification will be sent to the email you registered with. Please head to your email inbox.


Step 7: Locate the verification email and select the blue verify button.


Step 8: Now you can login by entering your username and password and selecting login.


Step 9: A screen will pop up asking you to add your access key which has been sent out to the email you have provided to the school.
(If you have not received your access key, please email


Step 10: Once your access key has been added successfully (see the message below), please select done.


Step 11: You should now be able to view the Homepage and may now explore the features.

If you have any questions/issues,
please email