English – Standard and Advanced

Prerequisites:To enrol in the Preliminary English course, a student must have successfully completed the School Certificate in English.  

Additionally, Advanced English Course candidates’ final selection is based on School Certificate results, satisfactory completion of year 7 – 10 outcomes and student ability to analyse texts.

Aim:The aim of English Stage 6 is to enable students to understand, use, enjoy and value the English language in its various textual forms and to become thoughtful, imaginative and effective communicators in a diverse and changing society.

Course Description:The Preliminary English (Standard) course is designed by teachers. Students engage in a range of texts to explore a number of themes related to modern issues.

Moreover, the advanced English Preliminary course at salamah College has a range of topics that allow students to explore, examine and analyse texts. They analyse the ways that texts and contexts shape and are shaped by different attitudes and values.

Students who do Standard English will do a common content area together with the Advanced students. In the Area of Study students explore texts and develop skills in synthesis. Area of Study comprises 40% of the course content. Students undertake at least one area of study.  

In the HSC English (Standard) course, students reflect on and demonstrate the effectiveness of texts for different audiences and purposes. The text requirements for the HSC course are as follows:

·      the close study of at least FOUR TYPES OF PRESCRIBED TEXT, one drawn from EACH of the following categories:

–      prose fiction
–      drama
–      poetry
–     nonfiction or film or media or multimedia texts

·      a wide range of additional related texts and textual forms

·      Prescribed stimulus booklet.

On the other hand, to the above categories, HSC English (Advanced) course, students needs to study Shakespearean drama, as a FIFTH TYPE OF PRESCRIBED TEXT, and might choose to study “film” instead of “drama” category.

Area of Study: An Area of Study is the exploration of a concept that affects our perceptions of ourselves and our world. Students explore, analyse, question and articulate the ways in which perceptions of this concept are shaped in and through a variety of texts.

 Areas of Study are developed by teachers and require students to explore a concept through:

·         close study of one text

·         responding to and composing a wide range of related texts

·         making connections among texts and the Area of Study

·         synthesising aspects of a variety of texts

·         presenting coherently integrated interpretations of the concept.

Electives:The electives require students to explore the ways particular texts, forms, media, contexts or aspects of language shape meaning. 

The electives are developed by teachers to allow for:

·      their students’ needs, interests and abilities 

·      choice of approach 

·      choice of texts for study

·      student-teacher negotiation of content

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