Reviewed August 2012


Parents are always encouraged to discuss their child’s progress with his or her teacher.

We at Salamah College endeavour to ensure that the child’s time with us runs as smoothly as possible. However, there will be occasions when parents have concerns about what has happened in a classroom, in the playground or on excursions. This process will ensure that any concerns are addressed with the least possible classroom or school disruption.


The aim of this policy is to allow concerned parents to be aware of their child’s academic progress throughout the year as well as being in a suitable and safe environment. If concerned parents would like to discuss certain matters pertaining to their child’s progress in classroom or to any incident which has occurred in the playground or on excursions then certain procedures must be followed to ensure the valuable time of the child and the teacher is not disrupted.


Student Related Concerns

In the first instance parents should make an appointment through the office to see the teacher. The teacher will then arrange a time for the appointment before or after school or during the Arabic sessions. If the matter is not resolved, parents will then be asked to arrange an appointment to see the Principal/Coordinator.

General School Concerns

Parents with concerns would be directed to make an appointment through the office to see the Principal or the Coordinator.