Reviewed August 2012


At Salamah College, we have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for students and staff and this responsibility includes the provision of protection from sun throughout the year. Over exposure to the sun presents a serious health risk. Students must therefore be educated as to the need for suitable sun protection, and protected from over exposure to the sun whilst at school. Our Aim is to educate students as on sun safety strategies and to encourage children and teachers to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sun.


The school will consider sun protection when planning outdoor activities or excursions.

The school rules will be linked to uniform policy i.e. NO HAT, PLAY OR SIT IN THE SHADE. Children will be required to wear their school hat during terms 1 and 4 whenever they are outside.

Teachers will address issues of sun protection through the Key Learning Area of PD/H/PE and across the curriculum.

Students will comply with teacher directions in the conduct of outdoor activities to reduce risk of exposure to the sun.

Teachers will be role models for sun protective behaviours. Encourage staff to act as role models by also wearing broad brimmed hats when outside.

Parents will provide their children with a school hat.

Parents should provide and encourage their children to wear SPF30+ sunscreen while at school. Information about the importance of sunscreen should be highlighted in the monthly newsletter to educate parents and mentioned in assemblies.