I praise Allah, I thank Him, and I ask Allah to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad, and to protect his nation, Ameen.

It is not often that one finds himself going through such an amazing experience like the one Salamah College has offered me;  To witness the birth of a community which is so culturally diverse and yet harmonious, facing so many challenges and yet unreservedly committed.  Salamah College, started in 2012 and already has become an undeniable force in the school sector with its 740 strong students, and a body of staff that has pledged to serve Salamah College to the best of their ability.

The face of the school keeps on changing with the introduction of new demountable buildings to accommodate the growing needs of the students. By 2014 thirteen of these demountable buildings were allocated to the High school and one became the new Administration Office at the top end of the school site providing parents with much easier access to school services.  In the Primary School we introduced 7 new classes, 5 learning support rooms, a resources room, a students’ services office, a staff room and a co-ordinator’s office, all situated in the newly refurbished building on the south side of the school. In addition 7 new demountable buildings were also erected on site to provide more classes. The Primary school computer room is now used only by primary students as we have introduced a new computer lab in the High school, along with a new facility for food technology of the commercial grade. In addition, 2 entry fences and a perimeter fence all around the school were installed to provide more safety.

In September 2013 the school had its visit from the Board of Studies inspectors, following the school’s Application for Registration and Accreditation for Stage 5, Years 9 and 10.  The school’s application was very successful and I am pleased to inform all the parents that our school has been granted Registration and Accreditation for Years 9 and 10.  On this note I would like to thank all the High school staff for their wonderful and professional work during this process. We are currently looking forward for the next BOSTES visit in July 2014 as the School is seeking Registration and Accreditation for Year 11 in 2015.  Our NAPLAN results have also improved this year and are edging so closely to meet our target.  Many talented students and promising future achievers have scored in the top bands in their NAPLAN test, and I congratulate each and every one of them.

Every developing school requires a great deal of support from its stake holders especially when it is in its infancy stages.  On this note I would like to express my gratitude and convey my heartfelt thanks to all the parents who have stood by the school since 2012 and have been extremely supportive in this development process till this day.  And I especially would like to thank the many volunteering parents who have given their time to assist in many activities and learning support programs.  We invite more parents to extend a hand so that we can maximise the progress of our students through the provision of more support.

Finally I would like to thank our whole school community, the executive staff, the teaching staff, the ancillary staff, the parents and especially the students for giving us a wonderful, prosperous and successful Salamah College.

Mr Wissam Saad