Mathematics – General

Prerequisites: This course is designed for students who have studied Level two or Level one Mathematics in Stage 5. Students, who have struggled with the Level three Mathematics Course in Stage 5, should also consider this course. A useful and interesting course, it is designed for those who do not intend going any further with Mathematics, or a related course at a tertiary level 

Aim: General Mathematics is designed to promote the development of skills, knowledge and understanding in areas of mathematics that have direct application to the broad range of human activity. Students will learn to use a range of techniques and tools to develop solutions to a wide variety of problems related to their present and future needs and aspirations.

Course Description:General Mathematics focuses on mathematical skills and techniques that have direct application to everyday activity. The course content is written in five areas of study, with an emphasis on applications and modelling tasks.

The modelling tasks may draw from more than one area of study, and encourage transfer of knowledge across the entire course, as well as linking with study in other Stage 6 subjects. The course is fully prescribed, and is designed to support TAFE and other vocational courses. It provides an appropriate mathematical background for students who do not wish to pursue the formal study of mathematics at tertiary level, while giving a strong foundation for university study in the areas of business, humanities, nursing and paramedical sciences.

Main Topics Covered:

Preliminary Course

• Financial mathematics

• Data analysis

• Measure ment

• Probability

• gebraic modelling

HSC Course

• Financial mathematics

• Data analysis

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