Science – Chemistry


A substantial achievement level based on the Sciences Stages 4-5 performance descriptors.

To provide learning experiences through which students will:

- acquire knowledge and understanding about fundamental concepts related to matter and its interactions, the historical development of those concepts and their application to personal, social, economic, technological and environmental situations.

- Progress from the consideration of specific data and knowledge to the understanding of models and concepts and to the use of generalised terms related to chemistry in their explanations, from the collection and organisation of information to problem-solving and from the use of simple communication skills to those which are more sophisticated

- develop positive attitudes towards the study of matter and its interactions, the environment and opinions held by others, recognising the importance of evidence and the use of critical evaluation of differing scientific opinions related to various aspects of chemistry.

   Course Description:Chemistry is the study of the physical and chemical properties of substances, with a focus on substances and their interactions. Chemistry attempts to provide chemical explanations and to predict events at the atomic and molecular level. The Preliminary course develops knowledge of atomic structure, chemical changes, rates of reaction and relationships between substances by focusing on increasing students’ understanding of the Earth’s resources, the development of increasingly sophisticated methods to extract and use metals, the importance of water on Earth and high energy carbon compounds.

The HSC course builds on the concepts developed in the Preliminary course, expanding on areas such as the search for new sources of traditional materials, the design and production of new materials, the type and effect of chemicals that have been released as a result of human technological activity and the way in which environmental problems could be reversed or minimised. The options cover a variety of interest topics and draw on the increased information and understandings provided by improved technology to examine areas of current research.

Students work individually and with others in practical, field and interactive media experiences related to chemistry; they undertake experiments and decide between competing theories. They assess the impact of decisions based on an understanding of chemistry on society.

The course builds on the foundations laid in Stage 5 Science, and recognises the fact that students bring a wide range of abilities, circumstances and expectations to the course.

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