To enable students to use, understand, appreciate, reflect on and enjoy the English language in a variety of texts and to shape meaning in ways that are imaginative, interpretive, critical and powerful. In Year 10 there is emphasis on School Certificate Preparation and Preliminary English skills
Language plays a central role in our lives. Understanding language and the ability to use it gives students the knowledge to develop their social awareness and contribute to their personal growth. Language is fostered through the development of programs which are relevant to students and their experiences, and by providing opportunities for students’ language ability to be extended beyond their immediate environment. Through language use, students convey and discover information, work through ideas and express feelings. Students learn how language works and how to use it well in a positive, collaborative and differentiated learning environment.
·         Students in year 7 will reinforce and expand literacy skills developed in their primary years of schooling.
·         In year 8, students take more responsibility for their learning and become more independent learners.
The three defined areas of learning are Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing